His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
His life is guided by three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values or secular ethics in the interest of human happiness, the fostering of inter-religious harmony and the preservation of Tibet's Buddhist culture, a culture of peace and non-violence....

Kathy Wright Photography is the web-site of Kathy Wright an award-winning Fine Art professional photographer based in South Norfolk. Her images have been featured in magazines and on websites all over the world.
Modesty J Sofronenkoff Art & Music
MJS Art & music,Russian Swedish Artist and Musician, Modesty is an acclaimed artist working with artistic expression in the genres of Photography,Sculpturing,Oil/Water Painting, Also musical performances,Songs covered & written by her self & Band...
Tom Charles Photography
Tom Charles is a Photographer from the Northwest coast of England. 'Painting Images With Light; Moments Framed With Love' .
Ian Murren Photography
Expressive photographer through visual Language of the ever changing moods and colours of nature. Especially Ians representations and inspirations of Antony Gormleys, installations upon Crobsy beach.

Member of ~ John Muir Trust
"Connecting people with their local landscape and environment should be on everyone's agenda."
The Clearest way into the Universe is through the forest of wildness ~ John Muir
Member of~Butterfly conservation
Saving Butterflies,Moths and our environment.
British Dragonfly Society
The British Dragonfly Society (BDS) was founded in 1983 by a small group of dragonfly enthusiasts and scientists. The Society has grown substantially since that time and the current BDS membership of about 1,500 is spread the length and breadth of the country, as well as into Europe and beyond. ...
Member Of~Norfolk Wild Life Trust
Norfolk Wildlife Trust was established in 1926. They are the oldest of a national network of 47 wildlife trusts around the country working to protect and enhance our wildlife and wild places.
Member Of ~WWT Wildlife And Wetlands Trust.
Wetlands and their ecosystems cover a global area one third larger than the USA and one half larger than Brazil. Half of the world’s wetlands have already been lost over the last century and this is increasing. WWT is committed to saving these essential ecosystems and their wildlife.
Welney, in Norfolk, takes in 1,000 acres of the northernmost part of the Ouse Washes – Britain’s largest area of seasonally-flooded land and the setting for one of the most magical events in the UK’s nature calendar - mass winter gatherings of many thousands of wild ducks, geese and swans.
International League Of Conservation Photographer's
Our mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography.
Elephants Without Borders
Elephants Without Borders is a charitable organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and natural resources; through innovative research, education, and information sharing with all people, we strive to encourage mankind to live in harmony with wildlife and the natural world.
The Ecologist.
Setting the environmental agenda since the 1970's
Nature, International Weekly Journal Of Science
Latest Research, The newest articles from Online Publications..
National Geographic
National Geographic magazine is known for presenting balanced opinions throughout times of conflict, and uphold the ethos of “only what is of a kindly nature is printed about any country or people” in each issue.
British Journal Of Photography
British Journal of Photography is published in the UK by Incisive Media

Established in 1854, British Journal of Photography is the world's longest-running photography magazine. Published weekly from 1864, on 3rd March 2010 British Journal of Photography re-launched with a sleek new look and an injection of new editorial sections, returning to its original monthly roots
Professional Photographer
is the largest pro photography magazine in the UK. Targeted specifically at those making money from their photography craft we hope that the new look website will compliment the magazine to make some excellent reading for every established and aspiring pro out there.
B.B.C Earth
The home of British Broadcasting, Wildlife & Nature
Bird Photographers Net listening to what their members want. Also include other genre of photography.
Song of The Rain Crow
A writer and visual artist, R. L. Tipton is descended from Scots-Irish, German, English, and Cherokee ancestors who first came into Powell County, Kentucky, as early as the early 1880s -- four generations ago.